In the emerald depths of Reason and the Heart

( isti tekst, samo na engleskom) 

In the emerald depths of Reason and the Heart


From that song which was sung about Suljaga's Fate, which is as if, a little reckless in his naivete, walked to Mostar city, seeking the most beautiful among merchant, Mujo. Through to Santic's Emina to the present Mostar girls, caressingly, amila’s and amela’s names all were pretty enthusiastic, irresistible, inspiring and memorable. These are the women. This is their city. Beautiful.City. Mostar. And this is not only for the monumental Old Bridge, but for the eternally brave boy, who when jumps in the river that is always cold, always emerges. He shuffles away proudly those cold drops of emerald Neretva River, and turns white at the moment on the Mostar Sun. Some words, in the malice of the grammar, should be written with a capital letter- Mostar Sun, where the City woke up once at the source of the River Buna. The people have a saying: "he visited Buna and Bunica". And the writer of this modest Letter of Mostar, visited Buna and Bunica, to figure out the Secret of its irresistibility. Enthralled by the beauty of Mostar and Mostar girls barely caught this modest letters not to fly away like Mostar petals of spring flowers. This boy has not learned anything. He just inhaled deeply the warm Mostar South wind and stared at the swift beauties with deer-like legs. Spring! And yet, in Mostar! Everything here is swaying- the trees and leaves of the young apricot and the hair and spring dresses of the young girls. He wondered, in his ignorance, whether the Mostar girls are sweeter than the apricots.

Maybe the peaches are?

It is not Peach, but nectarine!- Said to me a cheerful well-intentioned jokestera rogue, a real Mostar fox. So that is why, the Mostar foxes are the identity of Mostar, too. But they are not only identity? They are the trade marks! The brand! A tomato here is not simply a tomato but kavada. Then, alright:Mostar= Old Bridge. Mostar is not just the Old Bridge! Look at the River Neretva, Buna, Radobolja! Look at the vineyards! Ortijes! Look at the gardens of Mostar, courtyards, Brankovina, Great Tepa, Rondo, the White hill, Hum, Donja Mahala, Luka, Cernica, Mostar Gymnasium, and Austrian Square. Mostar has a lot of Narcissus and daffodils, and Mostar is not narcissistic. It is immanently beautiful.-aesthetic phenomenon and psychological trap of charisma or charismas. It doesn’t matter. The beauty is his inner principle. It is deeply convinced in its beauty and so the narcissism is too redundant. For Mostar that would be aesthetic perspective, the semantic pleonasm.

If you walk only a little, you're caught in this miraculous trap. "Walked Suljaga’s Fata…" And you know what has happened to Fata, there behind the closed door of Mujo's store. Love is easy-winged bird. It lands silently in your soul so you do not notice it. And when utters with its bulbul song you are already finished. There is no return without love story.

Bulbul is singing around Mostar, come my dear, here are our flowers!

Once the Odyssey was fascinated by the Nymph which seduced his sailors in the ancient Greece,. Here  Mostar seduced the random walkers. You would think: We will drink coffee on the blockhouse of the Old Bridge, left some trace at the street Kujundziluk, and vastly get in the car, and move forward.

But no! Suddenly, you forget whether you come or go. What sea? Where to the north? Here you have the breath

of southern winds! Here are seagulls in the middle of winter- seagulls and snow? Where does that exist? The snow surprises the seagulls? The purity of whiteness. If it weren’t for demons that attack Mostar, it would be the purity of the soul, too. The legendary mayor of Mostar, Mujaga Komadina, fascinated the Emperor and the Austro-Hungarian palace with its clarity and enterprise of Herzegovina. He worked, built and built his Mostar as a harmonious metropolis. The Capital of Herzegovina is international, multinational, multi-confessional, and multi-cultural. Nearly identical Bosnia and Herzegovina! Bosnia and Herzegovina- is his homeland.

And the girls of Mostar?

Are there more beautiful and stronger examples of the awakening of spring explosion of light from the Sun and the Mostar unbridled flowers? Such is the love of a Mostar g It is unselfish, talented, hot and memorable. There is no such heat of the Sun and Love anywhere- neither on the Mediterranean nor Africa, neither on the Seychelles, or in Tahiti. And what about it in Brazil? The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro! Samba: yes! The beautiful dark complexion girls: yes! But there are no Mostar girls. There is something else there, but not the Mostar girl! Very smart girl of Hercegovina, that opens the coldest of raw northern soul-continentals with a musical speaking voice. The girl from the south. It is a phrase of one secret and a permanent Love. That is the city of Mostar. Like the Mostar girl. It is irresistible- always for eternal love, deep passion and for all senses. The fragrant gardens. Emerald Neretva. Bridges like  a flood of white petals. Snows of flowers. The joy of spring. the awakening of life. Emina? Svjetlana? Well, what Emina?

EMINA! SVJETLANA! Biba! Today, Amela, Sanela, Ajla and Majla, Sanja, Malina, Visnja, Dunja, Anja, Manja. There are so little names as beautiful as Mostar girls.

Mostar girl is an allegory of passionate awakening of spring!


Written by: prof. Muhamed Zlatan Hrenovica