The story about the woman, the Goddess of the spring

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The story about the woman, the Goddess of the spring

If the Rivers Una and Sana are the vessels and blood of Bosanska Krajina, then Neretva is the bloodstream of Herzegovina. What is Nile to Egypt that is Neretva to Herzegovina. Essayist with the tendency of laconic dictation would say: a life. What is Neretva to Herzegovina that is a woman to her family! We speak about our story of a Woman. There is the spring- the stringent season! Rebirth of nature. Towards the spring we turn to the Sun. The Sun reveals and illuminates the shadows. In the shadow- a tenuous hidden woman- a modern women. The more revealing she is the more she is covered- with an opaque, but invisible veil of secrecy and with the veil of her inscrutability. So that is why, the mystery itself irresistibly calls on anew attempts of revealing. Since the beginning of the world and century, the woman is a secret- equally for smart, ingenious, as well as for ordinary everyday people. She is beautiful, irresistible, suggestive, powerful, noble, loving, subtle and powerful. She is a mother, a wife, a sister, friend, lover, and collaborator. In whatever axiological plane we observe her the woman is a monument. A Caryatid. A heroine of our time. What can we say as grandchildren for the first Teacher of your life? Grandmother or granny- it doesn't matter. That she is our favorite- that is for sure! That we have learnt from her the most important things in life, also!

Today Women could be the best direction in this cruel, inhuman, inarticulate and vague world. Well, when she could be understood. And here we stop at the impenetrable wall of Secrets- Sweet secrets of life. Romantics, such as Frederick Chopin would reconcile with the fate of the impregnable George Sand. Hypersensitive Sergei Yesenin would numb in front of Isadora Duncan. Caesar fell in front of Cleopatra. Napoleon fell in front of the enthusiastic beautiful Polish woman. And we? Astonished at this story about the woman we collectively collapse at the strength and beauty of One Vesna, Slavic Goddess of spring.

Written by: prof. Muhamed Zlatan Hrenovica