The zone of endless walks

Written by: prof. Muhamed Zlatan Hrenovica

Because we are only a point of a circle which is turning around…

There was a traveler with good intentions once – A curious man from Bistrik – from a moist side of Sarajevo. He went to Mostar to breathe a little Southern wind and scouting some of blooded Girl from the South. Well in that way to defrost at least a part of the ice piled up from the Sarajevo cold winters and its moist side. He read somewhere a story about Mostar girls. He liked the word and thought of a writer: There are no such nice names as there are nice Mostars girls. Alone and frozen in the winter of his disconent he moved to the South- with the train to the South, with the park of a railway or a train. It is all the same.

Just as he came he soothed. The Mostar sun with its light drove away foggy and moist winter cataracts. The time of dreams and ignorance. He has seen through. He stole outright some steps of the cobble in Mostar“s Kujundžiluk, he remembered Suljaga“s Fata and chased away the Honest Old Man to the stairs of the left coast- over the Old Bridge of the Emerald River. He was drawn in by mighty area of Street Liska and then he turned to Rondo – Mostar“s RONDO! A soon as he arrived a shade of ancient plane trees, soothed him up and he sighed: Mostar“s RONDO. Why for God Sake do you repeat it, it is not BADEN BADEN! – sang to him one Mostar“s liska (Mostar“s rouge) on RONDO.

And RONDO? An eternal inspiration. Love. Meetrings. Connection to the eternity.

A wedding with the eternity. In front of the Koran and before the altar. It is the same. A journey to the permenence. Clear Radobolja spring and flow to the mouth of the river. Radobolja whispered to Mak: How could I came back to my spring? A journey to the West. With the sun for the rest. Direction towards Musala. Back with the Liska Street to Cernica Street. Stealing the steps of life with a walk. The antological film of Hajrudin Sibe Krvavac one smart German seeing the panorama of Sarajevo realized: Das ist Walter! If he stood and looked at Brankovac and watched Mostar he would have said: Das ist Spazierung!

Doubtless! The whole Mostar is just a walk. Mostar is that RONDO- the symphony of meeting along with the Mostar Philharmonic polyphony of bolero emerald, a love colony of painters, foreplay of Pocitelj – a step toward the South.

That man from Bistrik, treveler with good intetions, a thug and trifler himself sold imposture to Mostar“s Liska (Mostar“s Rogue).

Do you know that it is the cheapest to be born in Mostar? Why for God“s sake? Liska (Rogue)- sang! In Mostar, if you aren“t a painter you were born to nothing! – Victoriously. And the singer, added Liska (Rogue). Liskas (Rogues) are unbeatable in this. The ghost of Vaso Kiso with soundless steps steals the pavement of the everyday Mostar. It is easy for Liskas (Rogues) with such a teacher.

And why wouldn“t he? He was selling Sarajevo Vjecnica (The Sarajevo City Hall) to the foreigners. He has a experience.

The beauty of Mostar girls walked through the street of the song. Emina walks through the street with ibrik in her nand. Suljaga“s Fata walked to the city of Mostar, Soothed the soul, deeply thank the man of Sarajevo, the moist side of the city. Return to your spring Bistrik.