So the winter passed and summer started to last… woman are like that, they know just for that two

seasons. From butts to sandals! They wake up from hibernation, remove from itself the fur of some

innocent animals or just something that looks like fur. Everything that concealed the body is pushed in

closets, under beds, on the ceiling … only as far away from eyes and sun, as if winter would never come back. Sandals and summer dresses, no matter if it is a spring, the sun came out and summer has arrived!

Then over the city, colorful, plain, below knee, above knee … paradise for man's eyes.

They, the males, in leather jacket with sleeves rolled up, sitting in the summer garden and through

sunglasses they feed on dress designs. So girls parade on oversized platforms and heels and make them thinking that was a harsh winter. They hope for some change and something new in their lives. Maybe their neurons activate under the influence of the sun and invite them for a refreshing drink in the garden in the city center. Maybe a butterfly lands on a flower on dress … and maybe going to the sea, father of love or (pro)summer adventure … maybe? Then the night falls, the sun goes down and it becomes cold, cover some lightweight sweaters and continues with a dreams. Males, tired of sitting heavy gesture of the hand off your sunglasses and motioned the waiter to bring another "tour" of drinks … and then a second sing: "I like Girls in Summer Dresses… I kiss them at back … that smell on resin …" and so deep into the night, until males get tired of sitting and girls also get tired of the parade…


Written by: Elma Hodžić