Antifa Mostar Open Letter to Mostar Administration


After the latest incidents, earlier this week, in which unknown perpetrators vandalized, first the monument in the park on Liska Street, dedicated to the fighters that fell defending Mostar and BiH in 1992, and the monument dedicated to Croat fighters on the Rondo Square, with fascist graffiti, Antifa Mostar demanded from the city administration and local authorities to come forward with a clear position on the incidents.

“The series of incidents, provoked by neo-nazi and extreme right-wing groups in Mostar, continues. It is evident, even to most superficial observer, that this is a case of continuous, organized campaign of the nationalist extreme right, which intensifies or calms down as needed”, Antifa Mostar says in the open letter.

Antifa Mostar adds that the city “has been held hostage by fascism and primitivism for two decades” and that street fights that took place in stadiums and school yards moved to a new dimension of desecration of monuments.

“Nobody needs these incidents that further raise the tensions, create a rift among the citizens and peoples, with the exception of nationalist elites. We condemn this vandalism and appeal to the citizens to choose mutual understanding, peace and unity, since we all share the same bread and same worries. We don’t need additional problems”, Antifa Mostar says.

Antifa Mostar demands from the city authorities to answer who orders, supports, directs and then covers the action of neofascist extremists? Who believes interethnic incidents and tension works in their favour? Who insists on segregated education and who tries to introduce Mile Budak, the author of NDH’s racial laws into the curriculum? Furthermore, who is trying to rehabilitate Budak and other NDH officials and names the streets of Mostar after them? What were their action that merit such honour?