Refuge in film – festival u Londonu 9. i 10. novembar 2012.



Poziv za prisustvo filmskom festivalu u Londonu. Kome je blizu i kome nije daleko!


Hi Beautiful people!!


Come and join our film festival run and organised by young people from all over the world across the U.K. We are a community of change makers and have used the arts and media to talk and challenge the issues that effect us and the world we live in. Our mission is to be the voices of our own realities, unite together to take action to bring about change.


Lets support the youth of today this is what we don't see in the media!






9th and 10th November 2012


Raising awareness about refugee & migrant issues

Welcome to Refuge in films:


Refuge in films is a festival created by young people from around the world. It is a space where young people express their own voices addressing issues of the representation of refugees and migrants in the media. Young people come together to curate, make films, lead discussion and host creative workshops.


 On the 9th and 10th November 2012, Refuge in Films presents a two-day festival full of films, interactive workshops and discussions to explore the themes of: History and Culture, Gender, Identity and Stereotypes and finally, Music as a Tool for Social Change!


 Building on the learning and experience of 5 successful years of Refuge In Films, this year the Festival has a new structure. Different groups have been given a platform to share and explore the issues they feel passionate about, using film as a tool to inspire meaningful dialogue and collective action.


 Refuge in Films presents two phenomenal feature films ‘Marley’ and ‘Benda Bilili’, and an evening of International Music, which reflects our core theme: Music as a Tool for Social Change!


 We hope you will join us for a wonderful weekend of inspiration, aspiration & celebration!