Nelson MANDELA – International peace award “Mostar 2006”

International peace award  "Mostar 2006", bestowed  by the  Center for Peace and Multiethnic Cooperation Mostar was given to Nelson  Mandela. Vaclav Havel was the recipient of this award in 2004 and Alois Mock was  the recipient in 2005.

The management board of our organization decided to  give the peace award "Mostar2006" to Nelson Mandela.
                      Although the South  African Republic is geographically far from Bosnia and Herzegovina, we think  that we are all united in the global fight for peace and dialogue between  different people, civilizations and cultures of the world.
                       Reconciliation of  different people, cultures and races must be a common goal for all of us,  regardless of nationality, religion or skin colour.

The original letter of  thanks from Nelson Mandela to the Center for Peace and Multiethnic Cooperation  Mostar, sent after the peace award was delivered.

Dr. Haris Silajdžić
The BiH Presidency member Dr. Haris Silajdžić and Sven Alkalaj Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and   Herzegovina in Atina 2004
The original letter from  Mr. Haris Silajdžić to Mr. Nelson Mandela on behalf of the Center for Peace and  Multiethnic Cooperation Mostar, sent with reference to delivery of the peace  award.
The original letter from  Safet Orucevic to

Embassy of Bosnia and  Herzegovina in Pretoria
                        South African  Republic
                        Mr. Bakir Sadović,  adviser – officer in charge for activities management
Please find enclosed  the peace award charter, that is to be given to Mr. Nelson Mandela by the Center for Peace and Multiethnic Cooperation Mostar, as a part of the international reward called "Mostar   Peace Connection 2006",
                        We kindly ask you to  deliver this prestigeful international reward to Mr. Nelson Mendela, in  accordance with the agreed protocol, on behalf of the Center for Peace and  Multiethnic Cooperation Mostar and its Director Safet Oručević.
If you find it possible,  please make photographs of the reward being received for the sake of the  documentation that is to be stored in our archive.
                        We would especially appreciate  if you could give Mr. Mandela our wishes for his good health as well as our sincere  thanks for his readiness to accept our award as an expression of our respect  for all his work.
We sincerely thank you and  your associates for cooperation.
Yours faithfully
                        Safet Oručević